We mine, you win

Hyper-deflationary token with
a retroactive mining crypto effect.


Perpetuum is a hyper-deflationary token with a retroactive mining crypto effect. This means that, thanks to its tokenomics and how the system is designed, the token will always have an increase on the liquidity and a decrease on the supply.

Each time that investors buy or sell their tokens, PRP contributes with a 6% of the operation to the purchase of mining equipment which produce tokens such as ETH, Kadena, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Every single profit from these machines is allocated into the purchase of the PRP token, which provides liquidity. Additionally, these acquired PRP tokens are burnt and disappear from the supply, increasing the value of every PRP in circulation.

As time goes by, more ASICs or mining machines will be integrated into the system, which helps the system to have an exponential growth.



Mining in Perpetuum started on the 30th of January 2022. All profits obtained with the mining operations are used to buy PRP tokens and burn them afterwards. That means that with every burn, the supply will be lower and the price will go up without the need of new investors.

We will always look for the most profitable minable coin. Currently we are mining Ethereum, Kadena and DUAL: Litecoin + Dogecoin.

The injection of liquidity and burning is done manually and randomly from one to five days. This is done to avoid possible strategies for purchases and sales.


Read the Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper that details on a larger scale what the project means. In this document you will be able to learn more about the project and our future plans and how we are going to implement them.

Token Information

Contract: 0x84aFB95ca5589674e02d227Bdd6DA7E7DCf31A3E
Supply: 1,000,000,000
Circulating Supply: 100,000,000
Symbol: PRP
Decimals: 9
Network: BSC
Slippage: 10%-12%
Tax fee


Quema PRP
App Screen

How To Buy?

The PRP token is on the binance smart chain network, so you need to have BNB to buy the currency. Make sure you have BNB in your wallet, you can choose to use metamask or trustwallet.

Follow these steps

1. Create a MetaMask Wallet

$PRP is available on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in BEP-20 wallets and is available as a Chrome extension or an iPhone or Android app.

2. Send $BNB to MetaMask

Buy BNB through MetaMask or transfer it to your wallet from an alternative wallet or exchange (e.g. Binance).

3. Visit Pancakeswap

The safest place to buy $PRP is on PancakeSwap. Visit and click "Connect Wallet". Set your slippage to 10% and enter the amount of $BNB you'd like to swap for $PRP. Click "SWAP".



Stage 01
  • Website creation
  • Token development
  • Social networks creation
  • Initial advertising campaign
  • Whitepaper
Stage 02
  • Token listed in Coingecko and other cryptocurrency websites
  • Website update
  • Preparation of the mining installations
Stage 03
  • Installation of Ethereum and other crypto mining rigs
  • Advertising campaign of all the mining installations
  • IP Camera 24/7 in the mining rig installations
  • Live access to Hive OS system (technical problems)
Stage 04
  • Expansion or refurbishment of the mining installations
  • NFT for holders of 50% of the purchase of the first day of the token
Stage 05
  • Big burn of locked tokens
  • Mining rig or ASIC hosting
  • Ecosystem: Staking
  • Merchandising


The Perpetuum ecosystem offers different services and ways to earn profit while increasing the volume of the PRP token.

1. We have the Hash Rent service, PHR. In PHR you can rent mining power of an ASIC in as many fractions as you want by buying NFTs. All the mining power goes to the PRP token, being able to have the best returns in the crypto market. Learn more about PHR.

2. The VLT (Volta) token is a deflationary token that offers a solution to the electricity cost and the environment to the Perpetuum mining token through photovoltaic panels. The benefits are obtained through the sale of electrical resources generated by Volta's facilities, these being sold to PRP at a price lower than that stipulated in the market. The mining of the Volta Staking service also falls on the PRP token, boosting its volume. Learn more about Volta.

3. Rodstein is game from Perpetuum Ecosystem that is under development. Its reward system will power both PRP and VLT.




Is the liquidity and the tokens locked?

Yes, you can see them there.

Locked tokens: Click here

Locked liquidity: Click here

Audited token: Tech audit

Visit Volta Token (VLT): https://powerofvolta.com/

Every time that there is a substantial amount of money to buy several systems that offer a good profitability, and when they are available on stock.

I need more details about the fees. Click here
Or get in touch with us from the official Telegram channel: https://t.me/PerpetuumEcosystem

We have an Excel where all the burnings are analyzed: Click here
You can also see it from the BSCscan: Click here